Make it a success!

Create a website that reflects your image by customising your web portal.

Customised website

A website that looks
like you

Professional blog or forum

Some professional forums and blogs are real media that perfectly present the services of a company.

E-commerce or merchant

In addition to wholesalers and retailers, there is a new type of merchant: the e-merchant.

Dedicated site or corporate site

The corporate site or institutional site promotes and presents a company, its values and its foundations.

Creating your marketplace

What are the steps
to remember?

An e-commerce platform brings together individuals and sellers. The marketplace is a sales tool that allows you to avoid having to manage the stock or inventory of products.

The creation of such a platform requires several steps: market research, setting up a business model, taking into account the legal system, drawing up a budget and preparing a launch plan.

Social selling strategy

Let's create expert content

Social selling is important because the LinkedIn profile is one of the first impressions you give to an employer during the recruitment process.

To create a LinkedIn profile, consider adding a professional photo, a headline, a summary of skills…

Evolving marketing disciplines

3 trends that will make today's SEO

Ergonomics, design, content, conversion...

Mobile first, think mobile

French consumers are increasingly making their online purchases from their smartphones. Hence the importance of mobile first.

Apple's voice assistant

Voice search, speak Siri!

Voice search is one of the current web marketing trends. Siri works on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV and even Apple Watch.

Understanding the world around you

Visual search or Google Lens

Visual search is based on photos, images or screenshots.

Engagement marketing solutions

Our e-marketers reveal the
solutions of the moment

E-marketers who want to increase application installs, generate more traffic and boost sales are building brand awareness by generating interest in products.

Street marketing
The principle of street marketing is to use public places and the street to promote a product, an event or a brand. This type of marketing consists of distributing flyers, leaflets or innovative forms of display.
Viral marketing, also known as buzz marketing, aims to get people to share content with others. They work with content marketing, social media, guerrilla marketing...
Video marketing allows you to diversify your marketing mix by bringing a different perspective to your offer. The aim is to promote the product in a very engaging way.

Quality website

Checklist for a successful website

Ergonomics and tree structure

Improve the conversion rate of the site by working on its ergonomics and tree structureas in the case of

Calls to action

Calls to action generate more traffic to your website content. It boosts the number of leads, conversion rates and improves sales.

Responsive web design

Responsive web design, used on, is a technology for displaying web portals on all media and mobile devices.

Influencer marketing

Influencers and brand ambassadors

Customer ambassadors

The customer ambassador actively advocates and recommends a brand and its services or products to others.

Celebrity ambassadors

Many luxury brands build their communication by collaborating with celebrities.


Micro-influencers can be more persuasive than macro-influencers.